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The Wedding Celebration of

Dinda & Chandra


“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are.”

—Oscar WIlde


Dinda Putri Amelia BBA in Hosp Management

Daughter of
Ir. Budi Gunawan (Alm)
& Heni Suhaeni, S.E.


Chandra Pelealu

The Son of
Johny Jacob Tooy Pelealu
& DR. Arie Supriati,

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The Wedding Vows

Saturday, August 22, 2020

08.30 WIB

Ayana Midplaza Hotel


Saturday, August 22, 2020

19.00 WIB

Ayana Midplaza Hotel


We could not wait to celebrate our big day with you, so please kindly send us RSVP with the form bellow. 

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  1. Selamaaat broo, semoga langgeng selalu, happily ever after 👍🏼

  2. Finaly the day is come Paree..Doa yang terbaik untuk kalian ke depannya,Amin

  3. Selamat menempuh hidup baru Chandra dan Dinda

  4. Dinda and Chandra,

    Congratulations on your wedding !!

       I sincerely wish both of you good luck, a blessed future and much love in your new life together.
       Always support each other and always try to understand each other.
       I also wish you a very nice day with your families and friends.

    CHEERS and greetings from Den Haag,

    Vic Rojot and family

  5. Congratulations guys very happy for both of you, me and my family wish you both happiness, long life, and beautiful children. Enjoy your marriage❤️

    See you guys soon!!!

  6. Congratulations guys very happy for both of you, me and my family wish you both happiness, long life, and beautiful children. Enjoy your marriage ❤️

  7. Dear Chandra and Dinda!
    I sincerely congratulate you on this big and most important event of your life – BIRTH OF NEW FAMILY!!
    I pray for God to gift you two wisdom to understand, to hear and surrender to each other no matter what life brings to you. Love each other. Respect each other. And trust each other. ❤
    From Alyona”ukraine” with Love ❤

  8. Hey Chandra!! Congratulations my brother!!! 😁

    I’m very happy for you. As you begin this new chapter of your life with your most cherished, I wish you both nothing but boundless joy, laughter and endless love. I wish I could be there to bear witness to your union but my very best wishes will have to be enough for now. Congratulations once again guys and enjoy every second of it. 😊😊

  9. hey beautiful couple ♥️ I’m so happy for you guys! I wish all the best! Love each other every day, and be true always!
    I’ll see you soon / NYC or Brazil or Bali lol
    Stay safe, and enjoy this new life together ✨
    Alline Martim / photographer NYC

  10. Congraxulation beb Dinda, senang bgt liatnya, dan gak sabar untuk hadirin resepsi nanti.

  11. Congratulations for your wedding mate !

  12. Dear Dinda and Chandra,

    I am really happy for you lovebirds are getting married! The biggest blessing in life is to love and be loved. In less than 10 days your souls and two hearts will unite as one and I hope it will bring out the best in both of you. I will pray your unity remain strong forever. Although we can not be there on this very special day, we are wishing you a lots of laughter, joy and happiness!

    God bless you

  13. Selamat Ka Chandra dan Dinda, Dilancarkan sampai hari H dan Doa yg terbaik buat ka Chandra dan ka Dinda😇

  14. Hello buddy and one of my best friend I have known, I’m really sorry that I couldn’t attend on this special day but definitely I will make it up once this pandemic gets over. I’m really happy for you guys and in advance welcome to the “group” hahahas if you know what I mean, your husband duties will start from now on and most importantly your true love will be there to guide you all the way. Enjoy every moments together and hopefully soon enough to be a Dad heheh 😄🤟🏽. Once again congratulations guys !!! God bless you guys !!!

  15. Lancar-lancar sampai hari-H, Jaga kesehatann <3
    Happy for you two <3

    Congrats guys <3!

  16. Happy for you two, Chandra & Dinda!❤❤ My prayer goes to you..

    Lancar semua persiapannya, sehat-sehat semua beserta keluarga. Be happy always, God bless!

  17. Lancar terus caaaan!

  18. Lancaaarr lancarrr aamiin
    Ndra dg dinda
    Ngoni yg mokaweng kita yg deg2kan ampuunnnn

  19. Selamat untuk Dinda dan Chandra. Semoga dilancarkan sampai hari-H nanti. Aamiin. I wish you two an amazing journey in your new road of life and lifetime happiness😁

  20. semoga lancar ya chanchan dan dinda sampai hari H nya…. doa yg terbaik buat kalian berdua

  21. I am so happy for both of you 🥰😍 Insya Allah lancar sampai hari H dan kalian dilimpahkan pernikahan yang penuh berkah dan kasih sayang.. ♥️♥️

  22. Gak sabar pengen liat kalian berdua 😍 semoga dilancarkan semuanya ya.. ❤️

  23. Semoga lancar dek…. Semoga apa yang di rencanakan bisa tercapai, doa terbaik buat chandra dan dinda….
    Amin amin

  24. Semoga lancar ya mas bro sama mba dinda. langgeng sampe kakek nenek. Amin

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